Typeformation: Type Cloudformation templates with pleasure!

The problem

I spend a lot of time these days typing Cloudformation templates and I found myself typing the same things over and over. Besides, sometimes I would deploy stacks only to find out a few minutes later that I missed some basic input. This impacts productivity so I built a plugin to solve this problem as much as possible.

What it is

Typeformation is an IDE plugin that provides live templates (snippets) for many common resources, parameters and others that you will often encounter when writing Cloudformation templates. Examples of ways you can save some time: Skip the reference manual and keeping required properties in your head. Just type and it will come to you Learn about possible values for certain inputs, removing the guesswork from you Have large snippets generated automatically for you Creating appropriate IAM roles so that you don’t deploy and later find out you missed the appropriate permissions Common patterns that I have encounted have been included. Tell me on Github yours so that it can benefit all of us


I have 2 videos to show you:

This second one may appeal more to you serverless folks. It focuses on the Serverless Application Model resources:

Get it

The project is at Github:


At launch it supports all Intellij-based IDEs (Intellij, PyCharm, Webstorm, etc) and support for others are coming soon. Which one should I add support for? Tell me by raising an issue or upvote an existing request over on Github. The feature request for Sublime shows the details that I’m expecting you to provide.

P.S: You do not have to remind me that Typeformation is a crappy name and I should have chosen a better one.

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