Typeformation: Type Cloudformation templates with pleasure!

The problem I spend a lot of time these days typing Cloudformation templates and I found myself typing the same things over and over. Besides, sometimes I would deploy stacks only to find out a few minutes later that I missed some basic input. This impacts productivity so I built... View post

Integrating S3 with Lambda

Slides: S3 in 60 seconds Simple Storage Service is the service that allows you to store files cheaply and durably on AWS. In AWS parlance, these files are called objects. You store these objects on thing we call buckets. Unlike regular files on a server, S3 buckets are not filesystems... View post

Send and receive email for serverless developers

Slides: SES in 30 seconds SES is Amazon’s scalable email service. It can send and receive email at large scale and at a low cost. You can use it programmatically to send notifications, marketing, transactional emails, etc. You can also accept or reject incoming email according to your custom needs.... View post

Let's set the record straight on the term "serverless" and what it’s not

Slides: The problem There are myths around the term spreading around. I wanted to make a video because this bothered me enough that I felt that I need to address it on this channel. My job in this article is to help you understand what the term really means and... View post

Your second serverless multi-tier web app on AWS

Slides: Part 2/2 Introduction This tutorial resumes where the first part in this series stopped. To recap, I showed you how to get your first multi-tier architecture set up on AWS: How to host your frontend code on S3 How to set up your first API with API Gateway How... View post

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